Keep Your Eyes On The Road

your road, only yours and its only for you, you can control it, or it controls you. any obstacle, irrespective of their origin, is your way. so keep your eyes on the road. andjoyyourride.

give up the drama, live in harmony with yourself. Open up new heights and ease the load. feel the lightness in every movement, give up the pressure.

realize your opportunities and what gives them. Without this, you don’t understand what is taking them. get rid of this. flip your reality. and this is the only way, you can find the road to happiness.

don’t look around, don’t try to seek happiness in things, that is the happiness for others. happiness is only that which brings you real feelings.

we all made mistakes, and only those who win, realize their mistakes and grow on them.

don't talk about it, you don't need to wake someone.

consciousness is the most effective force.
time is the most expensive currency.
the Road is the most important part of you.