the New Burberry

Burberry – London England
17 September 2018

The new era of Burberry, the most important event of this season. And even if Riccardo Tisci can’t win over popular opinion in this season, I think he already make a big step for Burberry. Now Burberry doesn’t destroy unsold products and bans real fur. (In July, Burberry hit the headlines for burning over £28 million worth of unsold products in 2017. it’s not just Burberry.) This situation should be an example for all brands.

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it make. a difference

Highland cattles
by Andrew Prentice

When people say that major corporations and industries are responsible for global warming and that we can do very little to make a difference, I totally agree with/understand/ respect that.

But like, that’s not where it ends?

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Night shoot #1

Today I want to talk about my physical surroundings. Over the past year, there have been many changes, and primarily toward a healthy lifestyle. Just over a year ago, I refused to consume meat, dairy products, after I reformed my wardrobe and stopped wearing things from synthetic and genetically modified tissues. Has changed the attitude to money, people, things. I rethought myself.

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