Night shoot #1

Today I want to talk about my physical surroundings. Over the past year, there have been many changes, and primarily toward a healthy lifestyle. Just over a year ago, I refused to consume meat, dairy products, after I reformed my wardrobe and stopped wearing things from synthetic and genetically modified tissues. Has changed the attitude to money, people, things. I rethought myself.

A chain of changes was launched by my friend, who wanted to lose weight and thought about proper nutrition, he wanted to talk about this with me, for which I am infinitely grateful to him. After reading the various lectures, reading the books, he realized that veganism and raw food are the true directions in human nutrition. Thus, he began to cleanse his body of raw food, hunger and training, the whole system was balanced and he began to rapidly lose weight.

As soon as he switched to veganism, I did the same. My sister has long practiced vegetarianism, she talked about harm to nature, from this side I was already shod, his arguments were talking about the correctness of nutrition for a person and the balance was outweighed, I will never return to meat-eating.

Against the background of his changes, I began to think about it. I never doubted his rightness, just before that my mind was surrounded by a white veil, I agreed with all his arguments, but inside me there were two parallelities, and there was no such thing: ok, this is the true way I follow it. I was satisfied with my weight, I was satisfied with my condition, I did not see any reason to change something. At that time I worked a lot and I did not have too much time to think about it.

Night shoot #2

When I stopped and said to myself: you have a pre-ulcer condition, heart problems – you are doing something wrong. I switched to raw diet. I want you to answer the following questions in your head (I do not want to make everyone vegan, just think, without prejudice, release your experience and previous thoughts, think about the following questions): Who has proven that meat is useful? Why does no one think that this was propaganda? Meat in the first place should be evaluated as a commercial product, and then as a product of consumption. How did the primitive man realize that he must eat meat? How did he start killing animals? You do not think that first of all a person, feeling the emptiness in his stomach tried to eat the earth, the grass, everything that was lying around? So who said that you should eat meat? Why not one living organism, does not drink the milk of mothers after growing up?

As a result, the thought leads us to the fact that it is more proper for a person to use herbs and fruits, their structure is as simple as possible for human body absorption (in the animal world there are predators, they eat meat, but they are fully adapted to this, their teeth, esophagus. I do not think that you will get it, and pretreatment was not conceived by nature, there are herbivores who eat only grass, they have a stomach adapted to the splitting of the grass, they will not eat meat.). You can more deeply study this topic, there are many lectures, books, blogs on the Internet, I say my thoughts, they are rather superficial, I can not tell you everything in one post, and there is no sense.

After two or three months of raw food, you realize that the sweet is no longer tasty, the meat begins to smell disgusting, and your feelings become much better at times. Many people say that they can not switch to veganism, it becomes difficult for them and they leave the race, I was more fortunate in this plan and I did not want anything, the main thing is to want, and for this it is necessary to be completely independent of other people’s opinions. Surround yourself with good people (I will tell you about this in another article). By the way, I did not do any cleansing or hunger strikes, I just switched to raw food.

After that, I was left alone with myself, most of what was given to us for the truth, became a question for me. I began to think about my entire physical environment. Why I was not interested before, why everything was perceived by the truth, in the first place it is important to me, and not to anyone else. Each person should be important to his environment, but only a few think about it, it is located in front of the nose, but we do not think about it. And it’s damn important. Why do we choose an apartment, car, phone, computer, go deep in all their characteristics, why they and what they can do, but when we choose what to eat, what to wear, what to breathe, what to drink, we take what they give. Why do not we think about it. Who chooses what to eat, who chooses what to drink to us, who does it all? What are its goals?

Everything that you absorb or use in the physical world must be selected only by you. Start with a rethinking of food, this is the material on which to build your body. (There’s still Water.) Next, I want to talk about clothes. Why? Skin is the largest human organ, and it does not retain a vacuum, it absorbs various substances from the air. And chemically contaminated things, especially when you are heavily influenced by your body. So to change yourself only at the level of nutrition is meaningless, it’s also the same as to wear rubber boots but to cut off their soles.

I began to think about what should be the wardrobe, I learned more about the fabric production. And here I met with those people who are in the beginning of the way of producing things that will be with me every day. This information has proven to me that it’s worth it to trust only yourself. Most farmers use strong chemical reagents to improve the fertility of plants, at the moment almost all fields are processed. And all the clothes from large retailers are made from these materials, while they use chemical primitives to reduce the price and increase the number of manufactured goods. As before, I recommend that you learn about it yourself, I can recommend a movie to visualize my text – The True Cost.

After these changes, I began to feel completely different, but I did not want to dwell on this. I switched to full minimalism, and now I have very few things (okay, I have a lot of clothes). But to gather in a long journey, I need no more than 10 minutes. I am surrounded only by the things I use every day. At the moment, my physical environment completely suits me, ahead of me is work on the spiritual component. And I hope that I will come to harmony, but I will tell about it next time. Having connected all aspects and seeing the whole picture, I can give only one piece of advice: think for yourself, and trust only yourself. Think about everything, you do not have much time, life is not eternal. Do not bend under anyone, do not bend under the system, be yourself.