the New Burberry

Burberry – London England
17 September 2018

The new era of Burberry, the most important event of this season. And even if Riccardo Tisci can’t win over popular opinion in this season, I think he already make a big step for Burberry. Now Burberry doesn’t destroy unsold products and bans real fur. (In July, Burberry hit the headlines for burning over £28 million worth of unsold products in 2017. it’s not just Burberry.) This situation should be an example for all brands.

2018 Burberry Pattern

But back to the debut, Burberry released two collections: limited-edition and SS19. The limited-edition designs will be available exclusively via Burberry’s Instagram and WeChat accounts from 5:30pm GMT on Monday 17 September, this will be the first time the brand has created a bespoke digital selling experience for their social channels.

The new era has a new ad campaign policy. I mean, look at this amazing pattern, with T&B interwoven together. I’m in love with this bear, how tram looks in this pattern, and I love how it looks with architecture.

It seems like Burberry is moving away from the classics. But it’s not, the brand needed a breath of fresh air. I think this was the best solution.

No matter how the brand changes, what Burberry make is still the classic. I’m in love with this combination of fabric with metal, cream colours with modern typography: it’s both simple and very detailed.

Of course, I think the male part is rather weak, I hope that in the future Riccardo will work more on it. But in general, the direction of the brand has not changed, the revolution did not happen and Burberry still Burberry.

p.s. the bulk of the seasonal collection will appear in stores in January 2019, and until then small drops will appear